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Welcome to our Microdata Portal

The Zimbabwe National Statistics Agency (ZIMSTAT) is a corporate body that was established through the Census and Statistics Act of 2007. The operations of the Agency are controlled and managed by the Board. The agency is the main source of official statistics in Zimbabwe and is mandated to play a coordination and supervisory role within the National Statistical System. ZIMSTAT has the authority to certify and designate any statistics produced in the country as official statistics having been satisfied that all the quality requirements of good statistics were met.


"To become a world class provider of official statistical information and services".


Provision of timely, accurate, reliable and relevant statistics for evidence-based policy and decision making, using qualified, competent, motivated and professional staff and state of the art technology in response to the demands of our clients.


In carrying out their responsibilities, ZIMSTAT staff will be guided by the following shared values:

1. User focus: All activities of the NSS shall aim at understanding and meeting data needs and expectations of users.
2. Integrity and credibility: To create and maintain public trust in official statistics by fully exercising professional independence and by proactively promoting best practices, including transparency, in data production and dissemination.
3. Quality consciousness: To develop and maintain a system-wide quality culture, through innovation, research and creativity to produce value-added products and services, and by developing frameworks for assessing and enhancing the quality of such products and services.

Specialized Collections

Central Business Register

Master frame for all Business Surveys and Censuses.

External Trade Surveys

Collection of External Trade related statistics

Finance Surveys

Collection of Financial related statistics


Collection of Gender related statistics

Health and Vital Surveys

Collection of Health related statistics

Industrial Production Surveys

Collection of Industry related statistics

International Migration and Tourism

Collection of International Migration and Tourism statistics

Judicial and Social Surveys

Collection of Judicial and Social related statistics

National Accounts Surveys

Collection of National Accounts related statistics

Population and Demography

The Population and Demography Collection is a collection of all the population surveys conducted by ZIMSTAT as well as other data producers


Collection of Sampling related statistics

Services and Informal Sector Surveys

Collection of Services and Informal Sector related statistics.

Transport, Infrastructure, ICT and Science &Tech; Surveys

Collection of Transport, Infrastructure, ICT and Science & Tech related statistics

Culture Surveys

Collection of Culture related statistics

Agriculture Surveys

Collection of Agriculture related Statistics

Prices Surveys

Collection of Prices related statistics

Employment Surveys

Collection of Employment related statistics

Education Surveys

Collection of Education related statistics

The Poverty, Income, Consumption and Expenditure Survey 2011/12

Collection of Poverty, Income Consumption and Expenditure Surveys